Why Copyright Matters

    Throughout history, the products of human imagination have played a vital role in shaping the world we live in. Works of art, culture, and entertainment not only enrich our lives, but drive economic and technological developments that fuel progress in our own backyards and around the world. They expand our horizons and give rise to ever-greater creativity and innovation.

    Essential to this creativity are the copyright laws that encourage creators and makers among us to continue their work. For its entire history, copyright law has responded – and contributed – to new developments in technology and the consumer marketplace. They have endured in part because of their flexibility, working with existing and future technologies to foster innovation and ensure our economy can continue to grow.

    The protections provided by current law support business models that give consumers more choices, and more access to more content, in more formats and on more platforms than ever before. It means that today’s latest advancements and the ever-expanding media landscape exist in part because of a copyright system that empowers creativity and promotes competition. To support copyright law is to support technological ingenuity that ultimately benefits everyone.

    Copyright protection is about providing the right incentives to make sure everyone has access to content across multiple platforms, and that the people who make that content are able to continue to do so.