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    Meet the MPA in Latin America

    Promoting & Protecting Screen Communities in Latin America

    We are the Motion Picture Association’s branch office in Mexico (MPA-Mexico) and the Motion Picture Association Latin America (MPA-Brazil).We aspire to advance the business and the art of filmmaking in Latin America and throughout the world. To do so, we promote and protect the importance of intellectual property rights and conduct public awareness programs to highlight to movie fans around the world the importance of content protection. These activities have helped to transform entire markets, benefiting film and television industries in each country including foreign and local filmmakers alike. We act on behalf of the members of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc (MPAA).

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    Meet the MPAA

    The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) is the voice of one of America’s strongest and most vibrant economic sectors – the motion picture, home video and television industry. We aspire to advance the business and the art of filmmaking and celebrate its enjoyment around the world.

    The six members of the MPAA are: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Paramount Pictures Corporation; Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporations; Universal City Studios LLC; and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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    Charles H. Rivkin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Charles Rivkin
    (Photo Credit: Max Taylor Photography)

    Charles H. Rivkin

    Chief Executive Officer

    Charles H. Rivkin joined the Motion Picture Association of America as CEO on September 5, 2017. He leads the MPAA’s global mission to advance and support one of the country’s strongest and most vibrant industries – the American motion picture, home video, and television sector.

    Previously, Rivkin served as Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs from February 2014 to January 2017. Rivkin led the bureau at the U.S. State Department responsible for managing trade negotiations, investment treaties, economic sanctions, transportation affairs, telecommunications policy, international finance, and development related issues, as well as intellectual property rights protection. The Bureau is also the State Department’s primary link to the private sector through its Office of Commercial and Business Affairs, which supports U.S. business interests overseas and works to create American jobs at home by facilitating foreign investment. In addition, Rivkin provided guidance to the Department’s 1,600 economic officers around the world and to the U.S. Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

    Prior to his appointment, Rivkin served for more than four years as the United States Ambassador to France and Monaco, leading a diplomatic mission that contained six constituent posts throughout France and represents more than 50 U.S. government agencies.

    Prior to his government service, Rivkin worked in the media sector for more than 20 years where he served as President and CEO of award-winning entertainment companies such as The Jim Henson Company and Wildbrain. Rivkin helped engineer the sale of The Jim Henson Company in 2000 for nearly $1 billion and his contribution to the television landscape has influenced generations of viewers. Before joining the State Department, Rivkin was named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company.

    Ambassador Rivkin received his bachelor’s degree from Yale University in 1984, graduating with distinction in political science and international relations. He received his M.B.A. from Harvard University in 1988. He was personally awarded the Légion d’honneur with the rank of Commander by French President François Hollande (2013). He received the city of Paris’ highest honor – la Grande Médaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris – from Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo (2015), and was presented with the US Navy’s Distinguished Public Service Award by Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus (2017).

    History of the MPAA

    To protect and support the industry, the major motion picture studios formed an organization in 1922 – now the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) – that has served as the voice and advocate of the motion picture and television industry around the world.  MPAA has evolved with the times in order to promote the success of our core mission: advancing the business and art of filmmaking, protecting the creative and artistic freedoms of filmmakers, and ensuring the satisfaction of our audiences worldwide.


    Around the World

    We are a global organization with commercial and regional offices working to protect the film industry around the world. We also partner with content protection organization in over 30 countries, including: